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FAQ: Understanding Your Shipping Options

Sending your Engine Management Module (EMM) from the USA to the Netherlands for repair involves more than the repair; it's about ensuring the process is as smooth and efficient as possible. While there are multiple shipping options available, choosing the right logistics partner can significantly impact the speed, cost, and overall experience of your service. This guide aims to address common concerns and questions, highlighting why DHL Express stands out as the preferred choice for shipping your EMM to us for repairs.

What are the advantages of using DHL Express for shipping EMMs to the Netherlands?

DHL Express offers a seamless and expedited shipping experience for your EMM repairs. Unlike other carriers, DHL has its own customs hub in the Netherlands, streamlining the import process and significantly reducing waiting times. This direct handling ensures your EMM doesn't need to be transferred to another local carrier, like PostNL, avoiding delays and additional handling.  Moreover, since DHL Express is handled via our customs account there are none import fees being charged from the USA whereas sending with another provider often results in very high import costs.

Why might USPS, UPS, or FedEx not be the best choice for shipping my EMM to the Netherlands?

While USPS, UPS, and FedEx are reputable shipping services, they typically hand over packages to local carriers such as PostNL for the final delivery and import processing in the Netherlands. This handover can introduce delays and complicate the customs clearance process. Additionally, we've observed that shipments not handled by DHL Express can incur unexpectedly high import costs.

How can I calculate the cost of sending my EMM for repair, including shipping?

You can quickly calculate the repair and shipping costs by visiting our online calculator at https://hardwarecare.nl/calculate-emm-repair-costs. This tool provides you with an estimate, helping you make a decision on what to expect.

What makes your Hardware Care the right choice for me?

We have helped hundreds of customers across the globe and keep getting very positive feedback from our customers. We try to make our process as smooth and prevent any unnecessary hassle for our customers.


There is no need to worry when it comes to sending your EMM from the United States to the Netherlands. Using our DHL Express service we make the process as smooth as possible and prevent any unnecessary costs.

Still sceptical? Feel free to reach out to us!

When shipping outside of the European Union DHL does sometimes charge an amount for VAT, even though sending via DHL will safe lots of money on import costs we do sometimes see that DHL charges an amount. We see this happen for the United Kingdom, Norway and for Iceland.

For every country that is part of the European Union we are obligated to charge VAT, but we do not charge VAT to countries that are not in the EU (Just like the countries mentioned above). Instead those countries choose to charge import tax which is an equivalent for the VAT that we charge within the EU. So those costs are usually an replacement for VAT.

Still have questions on possible shipping costs, feel free to reach out.

We have years of experience in repairing ECUs we have done hundreds of repairs and have many satisfied customers, you can read some of these reviews here.

We offer various payment methods for the full convenience of our customers, we offer PayPal which offers customer protection but also accept creditcard to allow extensive customer protection. Read more about our payment methods here.

We are always willing to help our customers to try and diagnose the issue with your engine with a strong narrative on diagnosing if the EMM needs to be repaired. If you are not sure whether your EMM is actually broken feel free to contact us.

Not only is a new EMM usually tripple the price of getting an EMM repair, new EMMs have very long delivery times and are usually not stocked by Evinrude Dealers, ordering a new unit at BRP (Global supplier of Evinrude parts) can easily take a few months.

If your EMM is not broken but was still send to us we do charge a 115 EU (Ex VAT) fee for the testing & diagnosing, also the shipping costs will be charged. If you are not sure if your EMM is broken do not hesitate to send us a message and we will try and help diagnose the issue

To be able to upgrade your EMM we do need to have your unit here physically to perform the tuning.

We can reprogram your EMM free of charge, if you send us an .EDF we will make sure that you receive it back reprogrammed. Learn more about EDFs here.

Maintenance is essential to prevent your EMM from breaking (again). Here are some simple steps you can take to maintain your EMM:

  1. Ensure your battery connections are securely fastened. Loose connections can cause power interruptions and generate high inductive spikes that may damage the ECU.
  2. Inspect your battery terminals and cables for corrosion. Corrosion can disrupt electrical flow and pose a risk to the EMM.
  3. Check the condition of your battery switch. A faulty switch can lead to power interruptions, endangering the EMM.
  4. Properly connect high-power consumption devices like radios, fridges, or inverters. Poor connections can disrupt the charging circuit, potentially damaging the EMM.
  5. Monitor EMM cooling across various RPM ranges. Efficient cooling is crucial for the EMM's lifespan, and water flow may differ at different RPMs.
  6. Examine the connectors leading to the EMM for signs of corrosion.
  7. Inspect the connectors on the EMM itself.

Sometimes we can give specific advice on what can be done after a repair.