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When shipping outside of the European Union DHL does sometimes charge an amount for VAT, even though sending via DHL will safe lots of money on import costs we do sometimes see that DHL charges an amount. We see this happen for the United Kingdom, Norway and for Iceland.

For every country that is part of the European Union we are obligated to charge VAT, but we do not charge VAT to countries that are not in the EU (Just like the countries mentioned above). Instead those countries choose to charge import tax which is an equivalent for the VAT that we charge within the EU. So those costs are usually an replacement for VAT.

Still have questions on possible shipping costs, feel free to reach out.

It is important to safely package your EMM when sending it to us for a repair or for a EMM upgrade, we advice to package it in a secure box and surround it with either foam or plastic make sure your submission form in the box so we are able to identify the EMM.

If you are inside the European Union and wish to send the ECU yourself we advise to use your local shipping company and send the parcel insured to prevent any issues. When you are not in the European Union please refer to this article.

We ship all EMMs with DHL Express, they do handle the parcels with great care and offer a fast transit time. In our experience we have never had any issues with DHL.

Shipping costs vary per country, we do not have one fixed shipping fee. With the help of our calculate shipping costs tool you can calculate the costs. You can find the tool here.

We use DHL Express for all shipments, a reliable courier that typically delivers most parcels within a few workdays. Shipping time may however vary depending on your location, if you want to get an exact time feel free to contact us.

If you are outside of the European Union (e.g. USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Norway) you can not send the EMM due to import regulations, if this is the case contact us and we will schedule a pickup via our courier. You can calculate the costs of this here.