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Evinrude E-TEC EMMs do regularly fail and a replacement can get quite expensive and are often not on stock at BRP leaving you as boat owner with a difficult decision.

A path to consider is repairing your EMM yourself, however there are several challenges which can make the journey quite difficult.

The inside of a E-TEC EMM < 100HP

Complexity of EMMs:

At first glance repairing an EMM might seem easy, just remove the broken components and solder the new components back on the EMM. However, this is easier said than done, due to the complexity of an EMM. An EMM is vulcanized and therefore the circuit board is very hard to access. You could try to remove some of the potting and access the circuit board. But this often leads to unrepairable damage to the circuit board.

Removing the EMM from the housing would require very much care and luck to be sure you will not damage anything without the right tools.

When you manage to remove the EMM from the housing you will need to find the right components. However, due to Evinrude not producing anymore it is very hard to find the parts.

When researching how to repair your EMM you will most likely end up at this Youtube video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcEQe_L36OQ at Hardware Care we would however strongly discourage you to repair your EMM yourself.

We have years of experience repairing E-TEC EMMs and have the right tools and knowledge to repair the units. We often see that people who followed the tutorial above or who tried to repair the unit itself make the damage even worse resulting in a unrepairable EMM which will lead to even higher costs.

Therefor it might be good to consider an EMM repair by Hardware Care given the complexity of repairing the EMM yourself.

There also is no need to worry about sending your EMM overseas, we will make sure that the import goes smooth via our customs contract. Read more about that here.

1. Open Evdiagnostic and connect your engine.
2. Go to Diagnostics -> Testing.
3. Select all engine log items with the Check All button.
4. Set the interval type on manual and collection Interval (msecs) on the lowest possible.
5. Click on Save Log Settings.
6. Start the logging process by click Proceed With Logging.
7. Start your engine and try to replicate the problem.
8. Send us the generated file.

Evinrude has a diagnostic software that can be used to read the engine and view errors that occurred, having the diagnostic software in combination with the diagnostic cable is very useful to diagnose issues with your engine and ECU

An EMM is a very complex electronic device which is safely vulcanized, repairing this yourself is very hard and usually does not solve the issues, we have the right tools to both test the EMM correctly but also to open the EMM and re-vulcanize it. We therefor strongly advice not to repair the unit yourself.

Maintenance is essential to prevent your EMM from breaking (again). Here are some simple steps you can take to maintain your EMM:

  1. Ensure your battery connections are securely fastened. Loose connections can cause power interruptions and generate high inductive spikes that may damage the ECU.
  2. Inspect your battery terminals and cables for corrosion. Corrosion can disrupt electrical flow and pose a risk to the EMM.
  3. Check the condition of your battery switch. A faulty switch can lead to power interruptions, endangering the EMM.
  4. Properly connect high-power consumption devices like radios, fridges, or inverters. Poor connections can disrupt the charging circuit, potentially damaging the EMM.
  5. Monitor EMM cooling across various RPM ranges. Efficient cooling is crucial for the EMM's lifespan, and water flow may differ at different RPMs.
  6. Examine the connectors leading to the EMM for signs of corrosion.
  7. Inspect the connectors on the EMM itself.

Sometimes we can give specific advice on what can be done after a repair.

If the housing of your EMM is damaged we can still repair the unit as long as the inside was not severly damaged, we will provide the EMM with a new housing which does however costs an additional 25 EU Ex VAT

We cannot always determine the exact issue with the EMM or its root cause. However, we always try to give you the right advice on what precautions you can take to prevent the EMM to break again.

Yes we can, via our webshop Outboardcare we can help you get the necessary parts for your engine, as a repair customer you will receive a 5% discount on your first order.

We always upgrade a EMM that is in for repair to the latest available software map, if for some reason you do not want this software update feel free to contact us.

An .EDF is the Engine Data File that stores all kind of data about your engine such as the injector coefficients and which type of oil the engine runs on. In order to program your EMM we do need the EDF, in most cases we can retrieve this from your EMM. If this is not the case we have to request one for 75 Euro ex VAT.