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EMM Upgrade Information

Some engines can have more Horse Power but the EMM simply does not allow this. At Hardwarecare we do EMM tuning to get the maximum power from your EMM without any major changes. The tuning has no effect on the EMM and does not damage the engine or ECU by only using orignal evinrude maps. Tuning costs €200 EU (Ex vat & Shipping). Not every EMM can be tuned, please contact us for more information. Engines with the following HP can always be upgraded.

  • 25HP Can be tuned to 30HP
  • 40HP Can be tuned to 50HP
  • 75HP Can be tuned to 90HP

We only offer a warranty on the software, read our complete terms here*

To tune your EMM it has to be send to us, unfortunately we can not yet do tuning on distance,
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