No cure no pay
Years of experience
24 Month warranty
>5 years of experience with Evinrude EMM repair
No cure No pay
24 months guarantee
Service Worldwide
Repair Evinrude Aircooled FICHT 1998, 1999
€596 Ex VAT
Repair Evinrude Aircooled FICHT 1998, 1999
€596 Ex VAT

Ficht EMM Repair


If you have a faulty Ficht EMM, don't worry, while new FICHT EMMs are really hard to get and can be very expensive, most issues can be repaired at a reasonable cost. Common problems like blown fuses, batteries not charging, no output from the alternator, or the EMM not turning on (no LED lights) can often be fixed through repair. We'll help you determine if you should ship your EMM to us or not, and once it's repaired, it won't need to be reprogrammed. It'll be ready for reinstallation upon return.

Prevent unnecessary shipment

To avoid unnecessary costs, we advise having your EMM read before shipping it to us. If you don't have the necessary cables and software, we have them available on our product list. If your EMM isn't defective or only needs testing, we'll charge €125,- ex. VAT.

How it works

Head to hardwarecare.nl and click on Submit EMM. After filling out the form, we'll send you shipping instructions to the email address you provided. Once we've repaired your EMM, you can pay on our website using iDeal, Paypal, or bank payment.

Price and Guarantee

For FICHT engines from 75-250 HP we CHARGE 596 EU Ex. VAT (only for the following Ficht EMM PN/s: 586518, 586484, 586724, 586726). This includes the restoration of the housing with special vulcanized silicones. After repairing your EMM, we'll perform a complete check on a simulation setup that mimics an Evinrude e-tec. There are no extra costs for this check, and we offer a guarantee of 24 months after payment of the invoice. Once your repair is complete, we'll safely ship your EMM with DHL Express.

Caution from Hardware Care

Never replace a fuse with one of a higher value. Doing so can destroy electronic components and render the EMM worthless. Some dealers may recommend increasing the fuse's rating, but do not do this!